Friday, March 15, 2013

10:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon

MetroCenter, 101 8th Street, Oakland, California


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1.      Call to Order

2.      Approval of the Joint Policy Committee Minutes of January 18, 2013


Attachment: Draft January 18, 2013 Minutes

3.      Regional Economic Development Strategy


A coalition of Bay Area business organizations will make a presentation concerning a possible economic development strategy for the region.

4.      JPC Climate Change Projects

A.    Action. The JPC Climate Consultant will present the top findings from the nearly completed Bay Area Climate & Energy Resilience Project and will engage the Executive Committee in discussion on these issues. (DRAFT project reports are on the JPC web site.)

Attachment: Draft Summary Findings and Recommendations Kresge/JPC Project

B.     Information. BCDC and ABAG staff will update the committee on work to coordinate agency initiatives on climate adaptation, disaster preparedness, and regional resilience.

5.      Plan Bay Area


ABAG and MTC staff will provide information on the upcoming release of Draft Plan Bay Area and the Draft Plan Bay Area EIR, as well as the public hearings and open houses that will take place in April-May.

Attachment: Plan Bay Area Public Meetings

6.      New Legislation (SB 792) Proposed by Senator Mark DeSaulnier


BAAQMD and MTC staff will outline SB 792, new legislation proposed by Senator Mark DeSaulnier concerning the Joint Policy Committee, and will seek direction for next steps.

Attachment: Senate Bill 792

7.      Board Comment


8.      Public Comment


9.      Adjournment

Next Joint Policy Committee Meeting: May 17, 2013


The JPC may take action on any item listed in the agenda.

This meeting is scheduled to end promptly at 12:00 Noon. Agenda items not considered by that time may be deferred.

The public is encouraged to comment on agenda items by completing a request-to-speak card and giving it to JPC staff or the chairperson.

Although a quorum of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission may be in attendance at this meeting, the Joint Policy Committee may take action only on those matters delegated to it. The Joint Policy Committee may not take any action as the Metropolitan Transportation Commission unless this meeting has been previously noticed as a Metropolitan Transportation Commission meeting.