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Resilient by Design 2-Year Anniversary Webinar Series: Applying Local Learning to a Regional Context - Advancing Resiliency in North Richmond

United States

Resilient by Design Webinar Series- Applying Local Learning to a Regional Context: Advancing Resiliency in North Richmond

Regional Governance, Planning, and Financing for Adaptation, Part I: North Richmond Shoreline Living Levee, Urban Greening in North Richmond, Public Access Improvements


Josh Bradt, San Francisco Estuary Partnership


-Tim Mollette-Parks, MITHUN

-Princess Robinson, Urban Tilth

-Juliana Gonzalez, The Watershed Project

-John Steere, Contra Costa County

-Andrew Clough, West County Wastewater District

Hosted via Zoom Webinars. Click here to register.

Panelist biographies:

Josh Bradt, San Francisco Estuary Partnership (Moderator)

Josh Bradt is an environmental planner and project manager who has worked on Bay Area creek and watershed issues for over 20 years. Josh’s work at the San Francisco Estuary Partnership focuses on resiliency policy, planning, and practice with emphasis on green infrastructure and disadvantaged communities. Before joining the Partnership in 2012, he spearheaded the creation of the City of Berkeley’s Citywide Watershed Management Plan. Josh was Executive Director and Restoration Director of the non-profit Urban Creeks Council, managing all aspects of numerous creek restoration projects to promote creeks as community assets. He has also worked as a Watershed Specialist for the Contra Costa Countywide Clean Water Program. Josh has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of North Carolina.

Tim Mollette-Parks, MITHUN

Tim Mollette-Parks is a Principal at Mithun, where he leads the Bay Area landscape architecture practice for the integrated design firm. He helped lead the design and outreach efforts for Mithun’s Resilient by Design work in North Richmond.

Andrew Clough, West County Wastewater District

Andrew Clough, PG, is currently the Deputy General Manger for the West County Wastewater District. Andrew began his professional career as an Operations Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard. Since then, Andrew earned an MS in Geology, spent time as an environmental consultant, and worked for the Port of Oakland, Oakland Public Works, and as the Public Works Director for the cities of Berkeley and Emeryville. While in Oakland, Andrew created the award-winning Oakland Urban Land Redevelopment Program and led the engineering and environmental negotiations for the Early Transfer of the former Oakland Army Base. Email: aclough@wcwd.org

Princess Robinson, Urban Tilth

North Richmond resident & Community Activist. 5 years Community Engagement Coordinator for Urban Tilth, Basins of Relations Watershed Program and North Richmond Farm. Currently, I am a Project Manager for Cooperation Richmond who develops worker-owned cooperative businesses in Richmond Ca. Also, involved in community initiatives to alternative housing and beautifying natural spaces surrounding my community.

Juliana Gonzalez, The Watershed Project

Juliana Gonzalez, Executive Director of the Watershed Project, is a watershed planning and policy expert. She holds a PhD in Geography from Kings College London and an M.S. in Environmental Sciences from the State University of New York. Juliana has been an active community organizer in Richmond since 2008, connecting communities, volunteers and students to their local watersheds through education, restoration and design projects. Known for her local knowledge of the area, she became Executive Director of The Watershed Project in 2015. After immigrating to the United States over 20 years ago, Juliana used her policy and ecology background to work on community based solutions to ecological problems prevalent in urban environments. Most recently, she has led the way in multiple community based climate adaptation and mitigation planning efforts around Richmond California and the neighboring communities.

John Steere, Contra Costa County Watershed Program

John Steere is a Watershed Planner for Contra Costa County; in this capacity, he implements green stormwater management requirements for new development and pollution prevention regulations to protect the County’s waterways. He is also an environmental and resource management planner who has managed collaborative and complex environmental, land use, and resource management plans and programs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and California. Among them are the Resource Management Plans for the Los Vaqueros Watershed in eastern Contra Costa Co. and for Honey Lake in eastern CA, and the Strategic plan for SF Bay’s restoration, Restoring the Estuary: an Implementation Strategy for the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture (awarded the American Planning Association Northern California Chapter Award of Excellence in Large Scale Planning). He has been active for many years in urban creek restoration, Park creation and open space protection, and is active on the boards of several environmental nonprofits, including Earth Team, Friends Foundation International, and Berkeley Partners for Parks, of which he is the founder and president. He holds a joint MCP/MLA in City Planning and Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.A. in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard College.