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Resilient by Design 2-Year Anniversary Webinar Series: Applying Local Learning to a Regional Context - The Role of Creeks and Natural Shoreline Solutions in Resiliency

United States

This webinar is being held at 12:00pm Pacific Time.

Applying Local Learning to a Regional Context - The Role of Creeks and Natural Shoreline Solutions in Resiliency

Regional Governance, Planning, and Financing for Adaptation, Part II: Colma Creek Collector, Alameda Creek/Hayward Shoreline, East Bay Regional Parks Analysis.

Hosted via Zoom webinars. Click here to register. Speaker details to follow.

Moderator: Amy Hutzel, State Coastal Conservancy


  • John Gibbs, WRT
  • Gena Wirth, SCAPE
  • Richard Mullane, HASSELL


Amy Hutzel, State Coastal Conservancy

Amy Hutzel is a Deputy Executive Officer at the State Coastal Conservancy, which works to protect open space, increase public access and recreation, and restore wildlife habitats along the California Coast and in the Bay Area. She has served on the boards or advisory committees of the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture, the Bay Area Open Space Council, the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, and Resilient by Design. She has a bachelor degree in urban and environmental planning from the University of Virginia and lives in San Francisco with her husband and two boys.

John Gibbs, WRT

John, a principal at WRT, is a landscape architect and urban designer whose practice is anchored in the social and ecological processes of our cities and natural areas. His portfolio of planning and design assignments spans urban parks, natural open spaces, waterfronts, trails, streets, districts, educational campuses, and city-wide park systems. Leveraging the McHargian roots of the firm, John’s recent work advances design with nature in the context of climate change. He is leading resilience and adaptation projects in the San Francisco and Great Lakes region. John serves on the board of the Greenbelt Alliance and was a research advisor for Resilient by Design.

Gena Wirth, SCAPE

Gena is a Registered Landscape Architect and the Design Principal at SCAPE. She works with cities, community advocates, and landowners to reveal the ecological and cultural potential of public landscapes.

Richard Mullane, HASSELL

Richard is an architect, urban designer and urban planner with extensive experience leading multidisciplinary teams in innovative place-oriented projects. A strong advocate for collaborative and site-responsive design, he aims to create unique local experiences through a deep understanding of context and community. He has worked in London, Sydney and Shanghai, before relocating to the Bay Area to establish HASSELL's first studio in the USA.